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2013 has proven to be a blessedly busy wedding year! As we proceed through the year we want to reinforce the importance of your getting ready pictures and provide additional tips regarding where to get ready on your big day!

Choose a location that is decorative and suits your wedding day style.
It’s really all about the location. The location you choose will determine the overall style of your getting ready photos, from dark and dramatic to light and bright, vintage, modern or romantic the location says it all. Typically hotel bridal suites are perfect, but definitely check it out before you put money down and book it.

When we first arrive, we’ll want to take pictures of your beautiful wedding day details such as your dress, shoes, jewelry, invitations, etc. Have these items out and ready so we can begin taking these photos without having to ask you and your bridesmaids to track everything down.

Keep at least half of the dressing room clean.
This one can be very difficult, no one understands better than me. More than half of my wedding parties are made up of 10 or more females, leaving a trail of lipstick, nail polish flat-irons and shoes across the bridal suite. Being clear about a designated area ( away from any windows ) where everyone can leave their bags shoes, coats ect. This is a great way to keep all of that extra stuff out of your photos.

Have your key family members help
It’s pretty typical for the bridesmaids and maid of honor to help with getting dressed, but we are seeing many moms unable to be in the getting ready photos. It really is a shame, some of the prettiest most natural portraits you can have with your parents are the ones taken when you are getting ready. A photo of the first time your dad sees you, or your mom putting on your veil or chunni is priceless. Make sure your mom and dad can come spend a little time with you in the bridal suite so we can make those moments happen.

Most hair and makeup artists are friendly, and they’ll surely chat with you while you get your hair and makeup done. However, it’s also a good idea to prepare a playlist of happy and upbeat songs just so you can avoid any awkward silences. Music will also get you and your entourage in a bubbly mood as you prepare for the wedding.

And most importantly, relax! The day you’ve been dreaming about your entire life is here, now enjoy it!


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